Scaling and Polishing

Myth: Dental Cleaning / Scaling and Polishing loosens the teeth, causes gaps and makes them sensitive.

Fact: Scaling and Polishing or Dental cleaning is most commonly advised dental procedure advised by a dentist at an interval of 6-8 months. This process removes the hard deposits of tartar and calculus which normal brushing and flossing cannot remove. It only makes your teeth better, cleaner and stronger.
(Gaps may be a reason of removal of tartar between the teeth which was naturally present but covered with the tartar)

Time Taken- As less as 1-2 visits

Signature Smiles specialize in scaling treatment because:

  1. Use of ultrasonic modern equipments.
  2. No need of local anesthesia.
  3. Use of intra-oral camera to prove the difference.
  4. Painless procedure.
  5. Very cheap and affordable.